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Essential Apps & Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

“Online Entrepreneur“ is a little open ended so I will use “content creator“ someone that makes money from a combination of advertising, affiliate sales and selling digital information products like books or courses.

i’m going to let my pro Apple bias fly here because it’s easier

    1. YouTube

    Free advertising for your product (for now) and you can also make money with it.

    2. iPhone or similar

    You can literally run an Empire from a cell phone today.

    3. Apple notes app

    You can take audio video and text notes. It also synchronizes across all of your apps and computers in the cloud.

    4. Apple iCloud

    5. Google Docs

    Super powerful, fast, available on all of your devices and extremely cheap if you outgrow the free plan

    6. ChatGPT subscription

    Practice using this as your constant companion to generate ideas and documents. Evolve as necessary.

    7. Apple Keynote or presentations on google docs

    PowerPoint style slide decks, very useful for organizing your thoughts and making presentations

    8. Amazon sellers account

    You can create books, videos, and music for sale, and also self physical products. You can pair this with an affiliate account, which is slightly different..

    9. Good paper, notebook and pen

    You should keep this nearby so that you can always write or draw or sketch.

    10. Library card, Kindle unlimited subscription

    You can learn an astonishing amount for less than $100 a year. Take advantage of it.

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