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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I love this movie, I love the acting of Jim Carrey, wonderful performance. Yesterday I watched it again. Here are my recent thoughts.


    1. Initially, we always see what attracts us and causes us to fall in love with someone

    2. Even if you are going totally erase someone's memory about a certain person, the first impression this person makes will anyway be the same, always.

    We don't stop being us, we still love the same things, we are still attracted to the same things, and we are still impressed by the same things.

    3. We notice the bad sides of the person way later.

    4. These bad sides are always going to be the same for us. Because again, we remain the same, despite the person being erased from our memory. We are still annoyed by the same things.

    We will never be compatible even after X amount of tries.

    5. The only way to stay with the person further is to understand whether you would be better with or without them.

    6. Some things are meant to be said by a certain person only.

    7. Only a certain person can trigger those certain feelings.

    8. It will always hurt the same.

    9. We might do the same mistakes over and over if environment remains the same.

    10. All our mistakes make us the way we are.

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