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Every Aspect of Life Is Easier When You...

I use that phrase in the title all the time related to many habits, choices and realizations. I'm very motivated to avoid hassle and prevent/solve my own problems.

    1. Live below your means

    A quote attributed to Woody Allen, "there no situation where having more money made it worse." The context for me is not being loaded but merely being comfortable, able to pay the bills, save for the future, have a little left over for some fun and to be able to cover a sort of expensive repair like to a car or the house. Yes, being loaded creates this scenario but so does living below your means and for most people that is much easier to do. Not having to worry about money makes life easier.

    2. Accept that marriage is not a competition

    You will not always agree, you don't have to win. Each of you make your point and then move on. Don't let it linger. Every aspect of life is easier when you don't have a volatile home life.

    3. Stay healthy and in shape

    For me, the path to health is low carb and avoiding seed oils and the path to being in shape is to lift weights, skip rope and hike. Every aspect of life is easier when you aren't spending a lot of time at the doctor, shelling out money for prescriptions and you can retain the ability to bend down and lift heavy things around the house.

    4. Don't keep score

    This is about not envying anyone like rich brothers in law or the neighbor who just bought something expensive or former classmate who appears to be wildly successful. There is no positive energy to be gained from envy, none. Too much of this negativity can make you sick. First you have no idea what anyone else has going on. Second, if someone really is that much more successful then they either are smarter, work harder, are luckier or some combo of the three. It happens and the sooner you accept it and can be truly happy for others, your life will be easier.

    5. When you truly understand what you need to be happy

    My needs are very simple. I want to be happy at home, healthy, set my own schedule and do the things I enjoy which include studying the stock market, exercising, volunteering at the fire department, taking a couple of trips per year, having time to watch baseball. Once you figure out what you really want, every other aspect of life gets easier.

    6. Realize that maybe goals aren't for you

    Related to number 5, I'm sure this will swim upstream versus most of the content here. I don't really have any goals. Very early in my career there were a couple of professional milestones I had to hit and those certainly would be considered goals but goals have never motivated me. There I things I have wanted to do and so I set out on the path to do those things but I don't think of them as goals. I put in the needed work and they usually happened. I'm not interested in growing my business by X-factor, my business provides a fine income that meets our needs as outlined above, every so often I add a new client but I spend zero time prospecting for new clients. This results in less stress and having more time for everything else, a lot more time. I'm not saying goals are bad, but they are not necessarily what every person needs and figuring that out about yourself makes every other aspect of life easier.

    7. When you don't take yourself too seriously

    We all know people who take themselves too seriously. Doing this results in more tension, less enjoyment in life and fewer fulfilling relationships. Have fun, lighten up, have fun (repeated for emphasis). Every aspect of life gets easier when you can chill out.

    8. I'll add to this list as I think of others.

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