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Every single person needs to have a home inventory

If you have home insurance or renters insurance then you also need to have a 'home inventory' of all the items you possess.

    1. Your home inventory should be a part of your Life Binder

    It is an essential part of your money life.

    2. Excel sheet

    I use an Excel Spreadsheet with 2 columns: Item Name and Item Value.

    Write down everything of value that you have in your possession and its value.

    3. Make backup

    Keep a backup of your list of items in a separate place like Dropbox or GDrive.

    4. Amazon Photos

    Amazon allows you to upload unlimited photos.

    I keep a folder within Amazon folder all of the items listed on the home inventory.

    5. Keeping receipts helps

    Receipt of purchase, photos and/or videos.

    6. Home inventory will help you in the claims process

    7. Property Insurance

    This is a policy specifically for valuables like: jewelry, artwork, one of a kind items.

    You may need extra insurance for really valuable items.

    8. Take your time and write it all down - update it as you go

    Mine is still in progress. I have a lot of crap. But something is better than nothing and I am keeping track of it all.

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