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Everybody is Hacking at the Branches

and nobody pays much attention to the Roots.

    1. From birth to age of 5 years, no later

    We have formed a complete self-image of ourselves


    2. The Big Problem - Our self-image is unconscious.

    Most of us are not even aware that we have a self-image yet alone what's inside our unconscious mind.

    3. Yet, we spend our entire life trying to fulfill that self-image we created for ourselves....

    When we were a 5-year-old.

    4. No one EVER rises higher than their own self-created self-image.


    5. There are two gaping holes in our self-image (there are more but these are sufficient)

    We're afraid of something happening to us. I'm referring to our body because what could happen to a made-up sense of self? We're afraid that someone might discover we're a fraud.
    We always believe we're lacking something and constantly feel the need for more. We're never satisfied regardless of how much we get of what we want. There's always another mountain that "needs" to be climbed.

    6. We subconsciously believe we're not enough.

    Let's say that when I was 3-years old I felt like I didn't get enough attention. Now I have a void.

    I feel that something is missing and that something is ATTENTION.

    I've created a subconscious void that constantly needs to be filled with attention.

    How does a 3-year-old get attention? He breaks things, he acts out, or any number of foolish things that a child who is seeking attention might do.

    Sure, as I grow older I become more mature in my thinking but make no mistake about it I'm still always trying to fill the void for attention.


    7. We subconsciously fear loss.

    We fear losing our reputation. Here's one of our popular quotes about the subject matter.

    "It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a second to destroy it."

    We fear that someone may find out about our past.

    We fear that someone may discover that we're sexual deviants.

    We fear that others may discover we're unhappy while we profess to be otherwise.

    We fear our husband, spouse, or child leaving us.

    We fear losing our investment portfolio.

    We fear the stock market crashing.

    We fear having to euthanize our pets.

    When Marilyn Monroe was really young her mother Gladys was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was eventually committed to the Metropolitan State Hospital. Monroe then moved between foster parents and orphanages for the rest of her childhood. It's been documented she felt ashamed and abandoned growing up.

    If you know anything about her life then you know she lied about being orphaned by her parents. She also spent her entire life trying to fill the void of abandonment that was lodged deep within the realms of her subconscious mind. She created a lifestyle that had all the ingredients for her to feel abandoned.


    8. The problem inherently has the solution built-in.

    There's a way out of suffering

    Presence - Be here now. Get rid of your past and let go of the future.

    Neuroplasticity - Rewire your brain with new thoughts and habits. Let go of thoughts that aren't serving you.

    Practice the opposite of what you're thinking right now that's hurting you.

    Realize that God sends you nothing but angels.

    Rewrite the story. You're the author.

    Understand that what you believed happened, never did. (to which will reply)

    ME: Is it true?
    YOU: Yes, that is the truth. What I shared with you, it really did happen to me.
    ME: Where's your proof?
    YOU: I just shared my life's story with you.
    ME: Sweetie, it's just another story.

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