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Encountered in my everyday life recently

    1. Our public safety department

    They are all triple certified and very community focused - yesterday I awoke to a text trying to locate a person missing in our community for a little more than an hour - where he had been - when he was last seen - and our community pulled together and found him within an hour

    2. Our oceanside farmers market

    So fortunate to have local beyond organic farmers and ranchers here

    3. Dinner at a highly rated local restaurant for my anniversary

    The last reservation they had until the end of February - the food is always fresh and local

    4. Wild Mahi-mahi caught a few miles offshore

    Fresh fresh fresh

    5. Our local post office

    Their service and knowledge is pretty awesome - had an issue - required some detective work - figured it out and it was solved

    6. My neighbors put on an awesome New Year fireworks display

    Fireworks on the beach are fun

    7. Our local jeweler replaced batteries in two of my adventure watches

    I hadn’t realized how much I missed wearing my dive watch - it was promised in a day or two - but it was done the same day

    8. Our little “grab a bite” to eat on the beach joint

    Catering to surfers - has a full time chef - has been there for decades - always a delightful stop

    9. Our new bike lanes

    Florida DOT didn’t hesitate to add these upgraded bike lanes along the highway when asked by the community - they get a LOT of use and they’re a lot safer for our community

    10. The neighborhood otter who showed up at my front door

    Surprised and delighted - it was going to get out of the neighborhood onto the highway - had to steer it back to the pond

    11. We now have a new road sign “Land Crab Crossing”

    It’s really about our native blue land crabs - but is always a reminder not to be a land crab myself 🦀 🐚 and to stay cool 😎 no matter the situation

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