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Experts to follow and potentially message to ask for advice on MONEY

Hey, hope everyone's holidays are going well.

Ok, so I'm having this problem which is I don't have enough MONEY. And I'm currently stuck on how to get more MONEY. So, I figured I'd throw this question out to this website and see - Who do you think are experts on making a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Let me add here, I know - there are no shortcuts to making a lot of money, I get that. I'm not looking to make a million in a month, I'm not even looking to make 10 grand in a month, BUT it would be super helpful if I could just figure out how to, I guess... make 1 grand, at the most, 2 grand extra in a week.

I know James wrote that book, how to make 2 grand in a week, but... I guess I'll read that again, but I'm hitting some sort of wall, I don't totally understand what it is. Maybe I lose the drive to see it to the end? Anyway, that's why I wanted to ask today, who do you think are the experts on making more money? I know James is one of them, but who else? I'm interested in seeing other people's ideas.

I'd make my own idea list, but I'm currently sick in bed :( but I'll throw some ideas, like Andrew Tate has that hustles university and there's like Dave Ramsey and Ramit Sethi. Anyway, anymore ideas? Bonus points if you've followed their advice and made that extra money I'm trying to make myself

    1. James


    2. Andrew Tate


    3. Ramit Sethi


    4. Dave Ramsey


    5. Tim Ferriss

    I'm not sure if he's an expert on making money but he seems to know a lot about different business ideas, etc
    I don't know much about him but he seems like an interesting guy to follow on twitter and see what he's up to

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