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Exploring the Dual Minds: Egoic and Spiritual. (1 min 43 sec)

    1. **Two Minds**

    There are two aspects to our thinking - one part is based on our personal experiences and beliefs (egoic mind), and the other is connected to a broader sense of love and eternity (spiritual mind).

    2. **Egoic Mind**

    This part of our mind is influenced by our personal experiences and thoughts. It's like a collection of our beliefs and opinions, but these things do not reflect the truth.

    3. **Illusion of Separation**

    Our egoic mind makes us believe that we are separate from everything else, including God.

    4. **The Matrix**

    "The Matrix" is a state of mind where we are completely engrossed in our personal experiences, almost like being in a bubble that's disconnected from a broader reality.

    5. **Changeable Nature**

    Our egoic mind is always evolving and changing based on our experiences and what we believe. It's a projection of our thoughts and ideas.

    6. **Spiritual Mind**

    This part of our mind is connected to something greater, a sense of presence and eternity. It's beyond the limitations of our personal beliefs and experiences.

    7. **Immutable Nature of Spirit**

    Unlike our egoic mind, this part of our mind is unchangeable and unaffected by external circumstances. It's eternal and doesn't need or want for anything.
    This part of our mind is not limited to any specific form, color, or shape. It's everywhere and always present.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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