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Exponential Recruiting

As a recruiter with a limited budget, I have to get creative in sourcing talent. My particular role is in the health field, but I imagine that these ideas are transferable to almost any other industry. Not listed in any order of importance or priority. Many ideas on this list work better if stacked together. i.e. Using social media to network with other recruiters about an event your hosting. Many of the larger companies may have put some or most of these items into practice.


    1. Social Media

    Create a presence in every platform applicable. LinkedIn is usually the go to Provide content outside of recruiting. Your posts will likely get bypassed if all your mentioning is "Hiring", etc. Content related to your particular field is ideal. If you can tie in your content with current events, it's a plus. Alex Hormozi created a great video on social media content strategy. () This allows you to "recycle" the same content, getting a better bang for your time.

    2. Online Job Boards

    Mostly self explanatory. Indeed is one of the more popular sites. However, there are a lot of newer job boards that target a specific niche. i.e. Job boards specific to Web 3 roles, Travel Nurses, etc. There are newer companies that allow you to post your job on several platforms simultaneously through their platform. You can get better output, with the same amount of input. Also makes tracking applicants a little easier

    3. Referrals from Current Recruits

    This is by far the best method for getting new recruits. They're able to get positive reviews form someone they already know, that's actually working there. You could also incentivize current members to give more referrals through compensation, prizes, extra PTO, etc.

    4. Build relationships with Schools/Training/Vocational Institutions

    Both big and small. In real life and virtually. There is incentive to both recent graduates and the institutions to build these relationships from early on. You'll also get an opportunity to tap into pools of talent, before they ever hit the job market.

    5. Host Events

    Most host "Recruiting Events". Nothing wrong with that. Think outside of the box, be creative. Host events for a prospects family, kids, elders, free training, etc. Find a way to tie in recruiting into the event.

    6. Provide more value outside of the job your

    When speaking with recruits, 9.5/10 aren't fit for the position, over qualified, under qualified, or just not interested after learning the specifics. Just because they're not interested at the moment, shouldn't exclude them for future opportunities. Keep your door open and reach out to them from time to time. When they land a job, congratulate them! relationships are built over time. If they had a good experience with you, they're more likely to refer colleagues, friends, or even themselves in the future. Also, there's nothing wrong with just being happy for someone else success, even if it's not with you.

    7. Network with Other Recruiters

    Chances are, they'll find someone you may be interested in (or vice versa). Networking also adds to your presence in the market.

    8. Keeping Track of Everyone

    Recruiting is definitely a numbers game. If you need to fill one position, you'll probably need to sort through more than 100 applicants. Your chance of landing that all star prospect increases significantly, via the number of overall prospects you come across. Keeping track of all of them will avoid any accidental "ghosting". There's a ton of CRM's, contact management apps, or even Excel spreadsheet templates (Many of which have a freemium version). Some are specific to your industry, others are very generic. Experiment and see which works best for you.

    9. Always Be Recruiting

    Even if your not hiring at any given moment, you'll want to keep your funnel of potential prospects full. This market if rife with uncertainty. You'll be better served if you have a pool of talent you can tap into at any given moment. If you come across someone that shows promise but don't have a position for them, you could always refer them to another recruiter in your network (see #7).

    10. Be Consistent

    You hear it all the time....consistency is key, blah, blah, blah...Simple to understand, not always easily implemented. Everyone seems to know this, but few execute consistently. It falls in the bucket of "Things I Should Be Doing, but Just Haven't Gotten Around to it yet" (Also in that list is eating healthier, reading more, excersizing frequently, etc.)

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