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Extras for a Day Planner

    1. Back pocket so you can slide stray papers into it

    2. QSR codes leading to interesting articles

    3. Structure but not too much

    Structure so I don't forget something but not too much so I can still make it mine and be creative

    4. Some place to hold a pen

    5. An idea list

    Most day planners have a little intro on how to use them but it would be nice to see alternative ideas.

    6. Easily changeable (adaptable)

    On January 1 you think you have it all planned out and then life happens. You realize you don't need a daily hourly schedule but instead a weekly todo list. It would be nice to be able to change your planner without having to buy a completely new one.

    7. A starter pack

    Instead of getting a whole planner, you would get a basic planner, along with a starter pack. This pack would have two weeks worth of gratitude journal, cleaning list, menu planner, sleep tracker, mood tracker, workout tracker, habit tracker, etc. Then you could try them out and see what ones you would actually use and purchase accordingly.

    8. A functional cover

    Most planner covers are for looks. The perfect planner cover would be attractive but sturdy enough that you could use it to write against, like a clipboard. Many times you need a desk or table surface to write in the planner. This is not convenient if you are in your car, or at a lecture, or sitting in a an audience.

    9. Expandable/Retractable

    It would be nice to have a years worth of monthly calendars. When it came to weekly, it would be nice to have just 1-3 months worth in the planner (you could add more if you so desired). As you finished a month you would take it out of the planner and pop in a new month. This would help with keeping the planner to a useable size that would be easy to carry around.

    10. Securing each Month

    As you popped out a month there would be away to secure the month neatly so you could keep it. Then at the end of the year you could put all the months together and neatly store the planner almost like having a keepsake or journal.

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