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From @ Chris Bloomstran on Twitter. In this section of my post here will be Chris's thread. My list down below.

You have $100 million that you have to invest in a single asset for 246 years. The beneficiary requires 2% of the ORIGINAL CAPITAL per year. What do you own and WHY? Would you own a different asset if the required distribution were 0% per year? 5%? Options:

1. Pound Sterling 1/Sterling is the oldest currency still in use. ~928 AD.

2. Russian Ruble. 2nd oldest, though with different iterations.~1700 or 1998.

3. US Dollar. 3rd oldest. 1776

4. Japanese Yen. 4th oldest. 1871

5. Gold

6. Silver

7. Prime Farmland (specify where)

8. Prime Ranchland/Cattle (specify where)

9. 30-Year Governments. Can roll at maturity. Specify country.

10. 90-Day Governments. Can roll. Specify country.

11. Apple (stocks have dividends reinvested in shares or finance distribution)

12. Microsoft

13. Google

14. Amazon

15. Tesla

16. Berkshire Hathaway

17. Costco

18. Nestle

19. Vanguard S&P 500 Index

20. ARKK

21. Bitcoin

22. Ethereum

23. MicroStrategy

24. Monet Impression, Sunrise 1872

25. Government TIPS (specify country and maturity. Can roll).

26. Diamonds

27. Other. Specify.

No taxes/fees.

    1. Farmland in New Zealand or maybe Uruguay

    2. Geothermal Energy Source

    3. Cattle in the Northern Mountain Time Zone

    4. ARKK


    5. What about crypto?

    If crypto actually does end up being the answer, ok, but it is not clear to me that the one that could be the answer exists yet so going with Bitcoin today, not sure it has 246 years left in it.

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