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Fate versus Destiny: Top 10 moments...

Many people fail to distinguish between fate and destiny. Fate asserts that whatever we experience will occur independent of what choices we make, whereas destiny is shaped by our values and decisions which determine our actions that change the world around us. I've often thought about the past and the opportunities for the future to think about the difference to being grateful and mindful of my situation in life...

What are 10 major moments in your life and would you consider them fate or destiny?

    1. Fate moment: being born

    I was born to young Black parents that were new arrivals to NY, while all family support was 'down south'...

    2. Fate moment: childhood environment

    I had extended family that could care for me as an infant when my parents could not...

    3. Fate moment: government institution laws

    The educational laws in NC versus NY, meant that my parents would have a second chance to decide their role in my life...

    4. Fate moment: social effects of economic status

    I grew up poor enough to know the desperation (and shame of peers seeing me) dumpster diving to make ends meet for me and my grandmother on her fixed income....

    5. Fate moment: aptitude for sports

    I was able to get enough nutrition and was physically fit enough to (get over asthma, and) get to know my father relating through sports...

    6. Destiny moment: losing the big race

    I didn’t train hard enough to be able to deliver a 0.03sec faster time to make the last spot on the ‘88 US Olympic team

    7. Destiny moment: choosing a bigger world

    Despite being a saver all of my life, I decided to splurge for travel funds for my ‘walk-about’ to find my true identity through the mirror of other peoples & cultures

    8. Destiny moment: public learner over professional researcher

    I didn’t foresee how my doctoral advisor’s lack of faith in me would weigh into my walking away from research [I'm ABD - all but Dissertation-defense] and diving into teaching

    9. Destiny moment: reproduction

    After a ‘close-call’ I realized that I am not, nor likely ever will be, ready to be a bio-parent...

    10. Destiny moment: becoming an investor

    Realizing that my public service career choice would not provide enough retirement funds for a comfortable life of enriching activities in an inflation-lengthened recession, I’m learning more about investing rather than just saving

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