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Favorite Adult Beverages

Whatever you consider them to be! Depending on the mood this is what I drink lately......

    1. Old Fashioned

    My go to. Make it at home often. If you want the recipe, let me know.

    2. Malibu and Vanilla Coke

    Malibu and Coke is also good, but vanilla coke is the next level....

    3. Wine

    Usually a Cab. Cheap during the week, go up a level on the weekend/special occasion.

    4. Whiskey

    On the rocks. If want to sip. Add a little water.

    5. Beer

    Using the two frozen mug system => pour half in a frozen mug. Then when finished, use the 2nd mug . Refreeze 1st mug while finishing 2nd part of beer. Repeat and Refreeze.

    6. Margarita

    Occasionally when go out. Let them make this fancy drink. Frozen and on the rocks have benefits and drawbacks.

    7. White Russian

    Made popular by "The Dude" in The Big Lebowski. The frozen version is also amazing. Let a restaurant or Bar make it.

    Want to go to the next level? Make a Colorado Bulldog.


    8. Mexican Margarita


    So good. Little bit of work.

    9. Martini

    Used to love to drink these when playing poker. They are really strong, so you drink them slowly. And I love olives. It's almost a meal.

    10. Cherry Coke

    What a great drink for any age......

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