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Favorite experiences from my Kentucky road trip

Well, I'm back from my family road trip from Northern Virginia to Kentucky. These are my top ten experiences.

Favorite experiences from my Kentucky road trip

    1. Underground kayaking with Gorge Underground near Rogers, Kentucky

    Completely still waters. We kayaked in a flooded coal mine 150 feet underground. It was unanimously everyone's favorite part of the trip.

    2. Staying in a private cabin so hidden that Google Maps couldn't tell us how to get there, near Red River Gorge Geological Area in Kentucky

    Beautiful cabin out in nature and with a hot tub.

    3. Trying Lee's Famous Recipe Fried Chicken in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

    Lee was Colonel Sanders' nephew. All five of my family agreed that it was way better than KFC fried chicken. More crispy and flavorful.

    4. Touring the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in Beckley, West Virginia

    A retired coal miner took us through an abandoned coal mine and taught us about what he did down in the mines for 47 years. We gained a lot of respect for coal miners.

    5. Touring the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory in Louisville, Kentucky

    The day we went, they were making baseball bats for Ian Happ.

    6. Hiking to the Natural Bridge of Kentucky at the Red River Geological Area

    The natural bridge was really impressive. There were even narrow stairs to go to the top.

    7. Chinese buffet at Jade Garden in Winchester, Kentucky

    We just don't have any good buffets around here. The one in Kentucky was just so fresh, tasty, and cheap.

    8. Attending a horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky

    It was an interesting experience. My sons were bored to tears though.

    9. The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience tour in Louisville, Kentucky

    We learned all about how they make bourbon in Kentucky, and got to sample a few at the end of the tour.

    10. Walking up the Criel Mound in Charleston, West Virginia

    Ancient ruins are a weird fetish of mine.

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