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Favourite Action Sequences In Movies

I favour fight scenes over car chases, so this will be a fight scene heavy list.

    1. Road House - Fight between Jimmy & Dalton

    I loved this movie as a teen (not completely undue to the nudity). Patrick Swayze wanted to move away from the dancer's image and uses his athleticism well in this movie. The scene is a good mix between artful and athletic, and down and dirty between 2 guys who really want to kill each other.

    2. GoldenEye - Bond Escapes the Dam

    I remember laughing my butt off at this scene because I thought Bond would catch up to the plane and fly it away - which is technically what happens, but not before plane, Bond and motorcycle all drop off the cliff!

    3. Captain America: Civil War - Airport Battle

    This scene is actually a little bit too much. There are so many characters fighting that it's hard to really track what's going on, but it's *just* over the line and is a great culmination of what a comic book movie with a shared universe can provide. Similar scenes in Infinity War and Endgame leave that line behind.

    4. Jack Reacher - Bathroom Fight

    When you can't even cock a punch, how do you fight?

    5. Rumble in The Bronx - Warehouse Fight

    Classic Jackie Chan - going from goofball to "how did he do that?"

    6. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Light Saber Fight Between Obi Wan, Qui Jonn & Darth Maul

    The original trilogy had an ever-increasing quality of light sabre fights, culminating in Return of the Jedi. When the prequels came along, this blew the past out of the water. 3 participants, and only one wearing prosthetics and he's the one who is a very accomplished martial artist.

    7. Back To The Future - Getting the DeLorean to the Lightning Bolt

    I recently re-watched this movie with my kids and though they seem to turn their noses up at a lot of classic 80s movies (who doesn't like E.T.?) they loved this one, and I'm amazed by how well the movie holds up. The music and the down-to-the-wire (pun intended) timing keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering just like Doc Brown when the deed is done.

    8. Ong Bak - Club Fight

    Tony Jaa's style of Muy Thai wasn't something I had seen before. Graceful yet brutal.

    9. The Matrix - Lobby Gun Battle

    Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Gun Fire, Bullet Time.

    10. John Wick - ?????

    I had trouble singling out a John Wick scene, so I went with the first time we see him in action

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