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Favourite Things About Playing Pickleball

    1. It's protocol to let everyone warm up with simple rallying

    When you first get on the court, you hit the ball back and forth to let everyone get dialled in, so there's no ego or competition at first, just collaboration and co-operation.

    2. It lends itself to different play styles

    It's popular among seniors who can't run or jump after the ball as well, but they can still kick butt because their shots are accurate and/or tricky and have good strategy. Still, a fast and athletic player will do well too.

    3. I can leverage my tennis skills

    When I was younger, I took lessons and played most summers. Being able to do a nice down-the-line backhand topspin shot (I call it the Dragonslayer) has won me a few points and always feels terrific.

    4. I can leverage my table-tennis skills

    (I prefer to call it ping-pong). The strokes that give the ball tricky spins more closely resemble ping-pong techniques, as the racquet is short and solid.

    5. It doesn't take much equipment

    I started playing on a borrowed racquet. We play in the gym of a local church which has its own nets we set up.

    6. It can be played outdoors or indoors

    While I prefer the indoor church court (because I'm more used to it), the outdoor game uses a slightly different ball and there's no risk of hitting the ceiling.

    7. Lots of Potential for Fun Random Moments

    Plenty of funny moments when a ball takes a funny bounce or barely makes it over the net.

    8. Unorthodox Play Styles Are Fun To Watch

    Some people never learned to backhand so they switch hands when it comes to their off side (e.g. left side for right-handed people). I've played with a lady who serves while walking sideways.

    9. Teamwork

    Sometimes a partner and I seem to be better than the sum of our parts

    10. The Exercise

    It's a fun way to stay active.

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