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Fear-free living. (3 min 37 sec)

Fear-free living. (3 min 37 sec)

    1. Did you know that squirrels have fear zones?

    2. Just like us, they have areas where they feel safe and others where they feel anxious or scared.

    3. But what if I told you that our human experience in this physical world is also rooted in fear?

    4. Let's explore the lessons we can learn from squirrels about fear.

    5. Lesson 1: Recognizing Fear Zones. Squirrels have specific areas where they feel comfortable gathering food and building nests. These are their safe zones.

    Similarly, we have our comfort zones, places where we feel secure and in control. But our fear-based thinking has led us to create a physical world rooted in fear. It's like living in a fear zone all the time, where we constantly worry about what might happen or seek validation from external sources.

    6. Lesson 2: The Illusion of Fear. While squirrels' fear zones keep them safe from potential dangers, our fear-based world creates an illusion of constant threat and separation.

    Fear is not our natural state. It's a product of our ego-driven thoughts, which make us believe we are separate and vulnerable. Just like squirrels scurry away when they perceive danger, we too react to the illusions of fear that surround us.

    7. Lesson 3: Transcending Fear through Love. Squirrels teach us that there's a balance between staying safe and exploring new territories.

    The Holy Spirit guides us to transcend fear by embracing love. It teaches us that love is our true nature, and by shifting our thoughts from fear to love, we can break free from the fear zones that confine us. We can create a world rooted in compassion, unity, and peace.

    8. Conclusion: By observing squirrels and their fear zones, we can learn valuable lessons about the illusory nature of fear and the power of love.

    Fear does not define us and offers a pathway to transcend fear and create a world based on love and unity. Let's embrace these lessons and remember that we have the power to transform our own lives and the world around us by choosing love over fear.

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