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Final Questions To You (Writing Process)

H/T @roccodesta  

I've been attempting to write the same story for over two years. So not sure anyone is interested in my process. Or lack of progress.

    1. I’m a Pantser.

    As opposed to a Plotter. When I'm writing fiction, I usually create a premise, a few characters, and then release them onto the page. The characters and I discover the story together.

    2. I’ve tried several techniques to mark progress.

    3. I’ve tried a certain word or page count per day.

    4. I’ve tried writing every day.

    More luck creating lists than story writing with this trick.

    5. I’ve tried scheduling blocks of time for writing.

    Not too much success here either.

    6. But there is one trick that I’ve had a modicum of success with.

    7. When I decide to sit down and work some on my story….

    ... I don't allow myself to do anything else. Not research the story. Not check email. Not social media. I don't have to write. But I can't do anything other than write.

    8. I think writing to a deadline would help me.

    But is has to be real or tangible or have consequence. Like a publisher's. Self-imposed deadlines haven't worked well for me.

    9. So now that I’ve described an unsuccessful process…

    10. … you have a better idea of pitfalls to avoid.

    11. Good Luck.

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