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Finally, I just finished "Gotham" show

I was a big fan of it at the beginning, then I abandoned it for a few years, then came back again, then abandoned it, and came back again a week ago. I liked it. And I like it now. However, there were a lot of moments I had a cringe about.

Here are 5 good and 5 bad things about this show.

    1. Compelling storytelling

    It has gripping and suspenseful storylines that kept me engaged and invested in the show.

    2. Great casting

    Most of the actors bring their characters to life with convincing performances.

    3. Detailed world-building

    The show does an excellent job of fleshing out the world of Gotham City, with its unique and diverse characters, locations, and lore.

    4. Impressive production design

    The show's visual style and production design are top-notch, creating a dark and gritty atmosphere that suits the tone of the show perfectly.

    5. Surprising twists and turns

    There were a lot of unexpected plot twists and shocking moments that kept me on my toes and I was eager to see what happens next.

    6. Inconsistent quality

    While the show has many great episodes and moments, it also has its fair share of weaker episodes that feel less compelling and well-crafted.

    7. Overreliance on fan service

    At times, the show can feel too focused on catering to comic book fans and referencing the Batman mythos, at the expense of its own storytelling and character development.

    8. Inconsistent character arcs

    Some characters, such as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), have inconsistent character arcs that can be frustrating to follow.

    9. Over-the-top acting

    While the show features many great performances, some actors (especially the villains) can come across as overly theatrical or cartoonish.

    10. Poor pacing

    The show can sometimes feel slow-paced or meandering, with plotlines that drag on for too long or don't go anywhere interesting.

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