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Find New Games to Play with Your Spouse on a Quiet Evening

    1. Scrabble

    I love scrabble. The best way to play is with a computer that can analyze all the possible moves and suggest which ones are the best.

    The only problem is if you play against someone who doesn't know how to do this. Then it's hard to find good moves.

    But if both players are using a computer, then it's really fun because you can always see what your opponent is doing and try to out-think them.

    I've been playing this on the game called "Scrabble Blitz" on Facebook Messenger. You play in real time against people around the world. It's very competitive but also very fun.

    If you want to practice, I recommend going on wordplay.org and trying to solve the puzzles there. They get harder as you go along but they're a good test of your vocabulary building skills (which is important for scrabble).

    Here's some tips for playing scrabble:
    - Don't waste time getting high point letters like X, Q, J, Z unless they are part of a larger word already formed by other players, etc . You don't want to be stuck with just high value letters in your hand at the end of the game and not have any words left that use them.
    - Dont' waste time making 7 letter words when 5 letter words are more likely to be useful for forming bigger words later in the game . But also don't make too many 3 letter words because they don't score much points either . A good balance is key here .
    - Try to form an "X" shape with your tiles so that when you place down your last tile you can make two separate 7 letter words with one move instead of just one 7 letter word. This will give you more points at the end of the game even though those two 7 letter words might not be useful for forming bigger words later in the game .

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