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Finding Balance: The Benefits and Challenges of Pursuing Passion vs. Exploring New Opportunities

This is how you can get something out of both. Improving in any area will complement the other : it is like experience mulch that gets richer.

Finding Balance: The Benefits and Challenges of Pursuing Passion vs. Exploring New Opportunities

    1. Pursue a new opportunity inside an existing passion

    For example, if you like to play music, pick up a new instrument.

    2. Pursue passion inside a new opportunity

    If you like to paint, volunteer to decorate the wall in a community center. If you are a journalist, pick a new field and write about that.

    3. Any new opportunity you try will help you do other things

    If you do something new like purchase a real estate investment, you will learn a lot. If your day job is your passion, maybe teaching school, you can use examples from your real estate investing experience in the classroom.

    4. The better you perform your passion, the more opportunities will open for you.

    If you sing well, people will begin to notice and you may get invited to travel or sing for other functions.

    5. Challenge: too many new things can leave you scattered.

    It can dilute your focus so that you don't make a lot of progress in any direction.

    6. Challenge: working too hard on your passion without new experiences can make you one dimensional

    7. Challenge: too many new things can leave you burnt out

    You may wind up with a lot of unfinished projects.

    8. Challenge: being too fixated on your passion can leave you burnt out

    You could injure yourself if you have a passion for working out. Or end up becoming bored with that level of focus.

    9. To maintain balance, you should evaluate your situation regularly.

    Are you progressing with your passion? Do you have enough exposure to new ideas? Are your energies being diluted from trying to do too many things?

    10. Life is a continuum and a journey. It is not a straight line.

    Over time you may spend more time on your passion or new pursuits. You will gain strength from both practices, but you may temporarily lose your balance. You will find success and happiness if you try to stay balanced over the long term.

    Also, be sure to spend energy on your passions and new pursuits! Some people do neither and go along numbing themselves with consumption of one kind or another.

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