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"Forgiveness is the key to happiness." (2 min 6 sec)


    1. **Releasing Illusions, Not Excusing Actions**

    Forgiveness doesn't condone wrongdoings or pretend they didn't happen. It's about releasing the illusion of separation – the belief that others are "bad" and responsible for our unhappiness.
    Imagine forgiveness as letting go of a heavy backpack filled with anger and resentment. It doesn't magically change the past but it frees you from carrying its weight. Haven't you carried the heavy baggage of anger and resentment long enough?

    2. **Projecting vs. Recognizing True Self**

    Anger and hurt stem from projecting our own unhealed perceptions onto others. When we forgive, we release these projections and see people from their true, innocent nature.
    Think of forgiveness like clearing a dusty mirror. The dust represents our judgments, and forgiveness allows us to see the clear reflection of our shared divinity beneath.

    3. **Finding Inner Peace and Happiness**

    Holding onto anger and resentment keeps us trapped in negativity. Forgiveness releases these burdens and accesses our natural state of peace and joy.
    Forgiveness is like opening a window to let sunlight in. It brightens our inner world and allows us to experience happiness that isn't dependent on external circumstances.

    4. **At your next dinner party try these topics on for size**

    Each moment we have a choice whether to focus on forgiving someone's actions or the illusion of separation.
    How can we identify our projections in situations that trigger our anger or hurt? 
    How can we practice seeing others through the lens of love and forgiveness?
    How can we connect the act of forgiveness to feelings of peace and happiness in our own lives? 
    How can we forgive ourselves for our mistakes or perceived shortcomings?
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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