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Free-dome or Loneliness? (3min 40 sec read)

Both concepts are related to personal experiences and feelings and therefore are not real.
Freedom and loneliness are subjective experiences that vary from person to person and therefore cannot be real.
Both concepts can be positive or negative and therefore cannot be real.
Definition of what is not real. It has no substance.
Definition of what has no substance. It's vague, ambiguous, and meaningless.
BOTH appear to be highly unstable, what do you see from your vantage point?
Freedom can lead to the so-called positive outcomes such as:
Self-fulfillment (filled with what? What self are we talking about? )
Creativity (what are you creating something to amuse your small self?
Personal growth (personal involves having a personal agenda. Growth? God didn't make you whole?
But free-dome can also result in negative consequences like you harming yourself or bringing harm to others.
Similarly, loneliness can be a negative experience that can lead to depression or anxiety but it can also be a positive experience that allows for self-reflection and personal growth.
All is Mind.
All is One.

    1. Nobody is there to wake you up in the morning or tuck you in at night.

    2. Nobody is going to complain if you come home early or stay out all night.

    3. You can finally do whatever you want. No one is there to object to your behavior.

    4. Is this Free-dome?

    An impending misfortune?
    An unavoidable destruction?
    One's terrible fate?
    Feelings of hopelessness and despair?
    or is it.....

    5. Loneliness?

    Is it sadness?
    Is it emptiness?
    Is it isolation?
    Is it disconnection?
    Is it being misunderstood?
    Is it feeling unappreciated?
    Is it social rejection?
    Is it feeling excluded?
    Is it self-doubt?
    Is it social withdrawal?
    Is it a reduced sense of self-worth?

    6. Whatever vibration you give off is the experience you get back.

    You are not a victim of the world you see.
    You are the one creating it, every chapter and verse.
    How does a thought turn into "physical reality?"
    1) thoughts produce mental images, 2) mental images trigger emotions and feelings, 3) emotions and feelings inspire action, and 4) familiar thought patterns shape your behavior, the actions you take are the result of your familiar thought patterns. And this my dears is how your physical reality is born.
    Freedom is primarily concerned with the ability to act and make choices. (How are you free if the choices you make are based on fear instead of love?)
    Loneliness is concerned with social connectedness. Why are you disconnected, or isolated from others? Do you feel that you are better than or worse than your brother? If you feel misunderstood, have you made the effort to listen and try to understand others?
    Freedom is often seen as a desirable state, while loneliness is generally seen as a negative experience. To prefer one state over another is to miss the point entirely.
    Freedom can be experienced individually or collectively, while loneliness is an individual experience. If you believe this statement you really, really, don't get it.
    Freedom is often associated with independence, while loneliness is associated with dependence. The world has given independence a bad name and ruined its reputation. I don't know if you've been paying attention but depending on anything or anyone in the world is highly volatile. I am 100% dependent on God.
    Who's your Counselor?
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