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Bill Bergeman


Friday Gratitude

    1. I'm grateful for the Taro Coffee Bar in Kanab, Utah.

    I stopped there early this morning on my way north to Provo. Cute little trailer set-up with absolutely delicious coffee that gave me the buzz I needed!

    2. I'm grateful for stunning lightning storms at night in the desert.

    We camped in my truck last night in a somewhat remote location in the southern Utah desert, all the while a distant lightning storm danced across the sky for well over an hour.

    3. I'm grateful for great company.

    Solo road trips are fun, but sometimes they are meant to be shared.

    4. I'm grateful I didn't grow up with social media and smartphones.

    Being a teenager in itself is hard enough. I don't know how kids do it with all the technology these days.

    5. I'm grateful for my 2010 Toyota Tundra.

    210,000 miles and it's as reliable today as the day I bought it.

    6. I'm grateful for Perfect Bars.

    Those little things are so delicious. And (mostly) healthy.

    7. I'm grateful for Evernote.

    It's a remarkable tool to keep my many lists and notes organized.

    8. I'm grateful for COFFEE.


    9. I'm grateful for This American Life.

    Excellent listening for long road trips.

    10. I'm grateful for being me.

    It's fair to acknowledge that my life has hugely benefited from being a white male in 21st-century America. I basically hit the lotto while many others have challenges I will never encounter.

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