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Friday On NotePD

Some interesting stuff today on NotePD.

    1. Life is...

    A list by @Remikit. I'd add whatever you make it out to be to his list.

    2. 5 tips for improving work/life balance

    A list by @nicolafisher. Some version of the Pomodoro Method where you take little breaks here and there can help reduce the compounding of work anxiety or whatever negative sensation you might have. Do some pushups, throw the ball for one of your dogs, scroll a list (not your feed) on Twitter, drink water.

    3. 10 things I learned from Reconfigurement by E. Alan Fleischauer Part 1

    A list by @chris407x about financial planning. I am not familiar with the author. "You should plan on working past 65." Slight tweak, you should spend time when you're young creating an income stream or two to add to Social Security and investment portfolio withdrawals whether that is a secondary career or something else.

    4. 10 things I learned from Reconfigurement by E. Alan Fleischauer Part 2

    "Do you want to turn a hobby into a business? Start now and in 5 years you'll be there." I've been making the exact same point on my blog for at least 15 years. The longer your runway the better your odds of success for monetizing a hobby.

    5. 10 ways to show appreciation to your team

    A list by @wyip. For the fire department where I am chief, we get T-shirts made up for all sorts of things besides regular duty shirts. We get baseball caps, coats, sweatshirts. After a large fire last year we bought everyone a Leatherman. We get challenge coins every so often. One year I got custom baseball cards made up with pictures of two of our trucks.

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