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From No-Gos to Hole-In-One (2m:44 s read)


    1. Determination to upgrade living situation is hindered by 2-year waiting list.

    Five years ago, a woman found herself stuck in an apartment that just wasn't cutting it. She was determined to upgrade her living situation and began hunting for upscale apartments in Dallas, specifically in the Oaklawn area. 
    But the problem was that the pickings were slim. She searched high and low until she finally stumbled upon a beautiful apartment complex that checked all the boxes, including an 9-hole golf course.
    The woman loved golf, so this was a huge win. But when she inquired about moving in, the leasing agent told her that there was a waiting list, and the wait could be up to two years!

    2. Woman searches for other options after being required to visit apartment office daily for vacancy check.

    Undeterred, the woman asked if there was any way to move in sooner. The leasing agent said there was a slim chance, but she would have to come to the office every day to check for vacancies since the office was too busy to handle phone inquiries. 
    The woman was not thrilled about the idea of showing up at the office every day with no guarantee of success, so she decided to look elsewhere.

    3. Woman returns to ideal apartment complex despite long waiting list.

    Over the next five years, the woman lived in five different apartments, and none of them made her happy. When she found out her rent was about to go up again, she decided to go back to the apartment complex she had fallen in love with five years earlier. 
    This time she was determined to do whatever it took to get in. When she spoke with the leasing agent, she was told that there was still a long waiting list, but the only way to get in sooner was to come to the office every day. The woman was willing to do just that.

    4. Woman's persistence pays off in apartment search after 5-year journey.

    On Monday, one minute after nine in the morning, the woman's phone rang. It was the leasing agent calling with great news - an apartment had opened up! 
    The woman was thrilled and realized that her willingness to take responsibility for her own life was paying off. 
    She had learned that accepting responsibility for creating the life you want is essential. You can't wait for someone else to change your circumstances. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

    5. Unlocking the power of an open-mind.

    The lesson here is that having an open mind is key. 
    You have to be receptive to the possible, even if it seems illogical or unproven. 
    The intention behind your actions is more important than the action itself. 
    If you're determined and willing to show a little willingness forces beyond your wildest imagination will show up to aid you. 
    People who are happy often realize that they have achieved their happiness without even realizing it. So, take control of your life by having a shift in your perception. 
    Show a little willingness to change your mind about a person, place, or thing and God will take the final step for you.
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