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Fun Inventions

Fun ideas for new inventions. 

    1. MT Energy

    An energy drink with the slogan - Running on MT.

    It could branch out and sell MT boxes. 

    2. Hotel /night club combo

    If you're too drunk to go home or if you find someone you like you can book a room.

    This will encourage the club to get people drunk /hooked up. 

    3. Tinder for jobs

    I wrote about this before, but I think it could be simpler. Anyone can post a job and anyone can swipe and discuss a price to do it. Eg. Wash all windows of my house, swipe, I'll do it for £X. Deal. Job gets done, money sent.

    Easy way for everyone to make extra money and save on cash (sometimes you don't need a professional). 

    Think ubers vs normal taxi drivers. 

    4. Throw up tablet

    Sometimes when you go to a restaurant you're eyes are bigger than your belly and you order too much. Heating it up in the microwave the next day just isn't as good, so instead you order the throw up tablet. Go to the bathroom and before long you're stomach is empty and you can start on round two. 

    5. Scented underwear

    You fart, it goes through the filters in the underwear and releases a plesent smell. Everyone will know you farted, but they'll enjoy the experience a little more. With the right advertising you could make farting a beautiful experience that all want to be part of. 

    6. Non alcoholic pub

    You're probably thinking, that's Starbucks. But what if you don't want a coffee? I don't think softdrinks would work and non alcaholic beers will just make people miss real beer. Is there something else people could consume whilst hanging out with friends? Maybe consuming isn't the way to go. What else do people like to do together? 

    7. Summer national holiday

    Holidays all seem to be crammed into the end of the year. We have Easter, but a chocolate egg isn't much of a holiday.

    I suggest a big bbq with friends /family. Everyone coming together to celebrate summer (or anything really). Maybe I can become famous enough that everyone celabrate my birthday this way. 

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