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Fun Summer Activities

It is pretty much summer. Definitely my favorite time of the year. That means it is time to take advantage of the sunny weather and do as many fun things as possible.

    1. Pool party

    Go to a friends pool party. Swim in your own pool. Go to a public pool.

    Summer is the perfect time for the pool because the water is the right temperature. Not too cold.

    Just get out there and get in the water.

    2. BBQ or outdoor dinner

    This could go along with the pool or just your backyard.

    Host an outdoor dinner in your backyard with some BBQ. I'm not the best 'griller' so I would just purchase the food and host an event in the backyard around a table.

    3. Hiking

    Always on of my favorite activities. No matter where you live there is always somewhere new to hike.

    Hike around your city or go to a new city and find a trail that you have not explored before.

    It is good exercise and it gets you out into nature.

    4. Go to the lake

    America probably has too many lakes. Lots of rivers now have a dam that has change the landscape forever.

    But since have them enjoy them. Rent a boat or jet ski or just go sit on the beach and get in the water and swim.

    I like to water ski and the weather is perfect for it now.

    5. Go on a beach vacation

    I love Mexico. So many beaches and really affordable.

    This fall I am finally going to Hawaii.

    There are so many beaches to explore. I usually like to bring my Kindle, sit under an umbrella, with a drink and read the day away.

    6. Plant flowers

    Yard work will make you sweat. But the results are really rewarding.

    7. Game night

    I just finished the Mensa Mind Games weekend. A full weekend of playing/rating new board games.

    - Shifting Stones
    - Hungry Little Demons
    - Miyabi
    - Genotype
    - Atheneum

    Board game nights are always a great time.

    8. Summer movies

    All of the movie studios are coming out with their biggest movies during the summer months. Popcorn, Coke, Movie.

    9. Outdoor jogging

    This is the best time to go jog, because you will sweat so much and lose all of that water weight.

    Be careful, don't overextend.

    10. Take your dog to the park

    Go walk to the park with or without a dog.

    11. Baseball games

    Not my favorite activity, but baseball is America's pastime so go support your local team.

    12. Outdoor happy hour

    Sit on an outdoor patio and gossip with friends about life with having an adult beverage.

    13. Evening under the stars

    Go out to the country, put down a blanket and watch the star with a loved one.

    14. Binge watch

    Always a good time to Binge watch the latest streaming show. There are so many shows you wont be able to keep up.

    15. Music concert

    If you ever get the chance, go see Coldplay. Face melting.

    Summer is perfect for going to see a great band. Live music rarely disappoints.
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