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Fun things to do that don't require alcohol

I have led my adult life without drinking. Along the way I have had some fun! For people that are trying to quit (as I did 32 years ago) making a list like this can open your eyes to possibilities that may seem obvious to someone without an addiction problem. I remember thinking "how can I ever do XYZ without drinking?" There are really no limits because anything you can do while you are drinking alcohol you can also do without drinking!

Fun things to do that don't require alcohol

    1. Play music

    2. Play board games with friends

    3. Go on a hike

    4. Play cards

    5. Drive go karts

    6. Play video games

    7. Binge watch The Three Stooges

    8. Have sex

    Although if you watch The Three Stooges and play video games maybe this should be "mastrubate!"

    9. Fly drones

    10. Swim in the ocean

    11. Go to a concert

    12. Play with a dog (or cat!)

    13. ride a mountain bike

    14. ride a skateboard

    15. go skiing

    16. go for a nature walk

    17. go out to dinner

    18. do yoga

    19. draw a picture or take up drawing as a hobby

    20. write code

    21. work with your hands and create something or fix something

    22. rehabilitate old furniture

    23. Visit an elderly person

    24. volunteer as a youth sports coach

    25. ride a horse

    26. go to an amusement park or center

    27. play mini golf

    28. After seeing the AI picture: CosPlay!

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