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Collin Harness


Fun things to do that don't require alcohol

Idea list from @roccodesta

There is nothing wrong with having 1 or 2 drinks, but it is also a good practice to make sure that you can enjoy your own company and other people without drinking anything.

    1. Music concerts

    I have been to many shows in my lifetime and I cannot remember the last time I had alcohol at a show for a few different reasons:

    - It is way to expensive at venues.

    - You will have to go pee and push your way back to your seat.

    - It is often crowded and alcohol will make you start to sweat. Not a great look.

    2. Hiking

    Enjoy nature. Take a hike with a friend.

    3. Dinner with friends

    Gossip with your friends is fun enough without a drink.

    4. The gym

    Everyone needs to get in better shape. Good look drinking alcohol when trying to do situps or bicep curls.

    5. Movies

    I generally drink water and enjoy popcorn.

    6. Side hustle

    Find a hobby that you enjoy.

    7. Reading

    I enjoy reading a good book.

    8. Shopping

    I do not do it a lot, but I imagine retail therapy is an alternative to drinking.

    9. Writing

    To write a good or even great story you need a clear mind and all your wits.

    10. Sex

    I'm just being honest. It is better without alcohol.

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