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Just going to throwout a couple of fund raisers I have been to

    1. Dinner

    Some of the best fundraisers I have been to have been a dinner. This does take some time to put it all together. Where will your dinner be hosted, what will you serve, how much money do you need to charge to make a profit? There are logistics to a fund raising dinner.

    Where you are woman own entity you can use that to your advantage. Maybe the local woman's shelter or YWCA will let you host your dinner at their establishment at no cost? One of the most profitable dinners I have been to was a spaghetti dinner hosted at an animal shelter parking lot. The cost was 10.00. This was really a smart idea because it brought people to the shelter to see what they were doing. The cost for the dinner was low enough that families could attend. Spaghetti is a relatively cheap and easy to dinner to do for a crowd of people.

    2. Chili Cook Off

    Have celebrities in your community bring their chili and then have the community vote on who's is the best. You will need a place that will host the event. There is no food cost to you because your towns celebrities will be doing the cooking at home and then bringing it the event. Depending on the size of your town celebrities could be loved teachers, the sheriff, or any other well loved person. You will also need to provide small little tasting bowl and spoons. Think of Costco and how they serve samples.

    3. Silent Auction

    What is nice about this is you can hold it online if you would like. You will have to find things to auction off or ask business to donate items. I think this idea is best when done in tandem with a dinner. This way people come to the dinner and eat and then mossy around the auction items and bid.

    4. McDonald's

    I have seen McDonald's do fundraiser for schools and other charities. You pick a date and McDonald's will donate a percentage of (some will donate all it really depends on the owners) the in-store sales during a selected time, say 5-8 p.m. Now you will need to work on advertising and getting the word out so your community will show up during the preselected time

    5. Raffle Something Off

    Of course you will need something good to raffle off. I have seen a person raffle off half a beef to fund their vacation. Not sure how the heck she managed to get someone to donate a half a beef but she did. You will also need the tickets to sell but you can usually buy those at an office supply store.

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