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Funny things to me

Or hypocritical

Funny things to me

    1. People mad at Twitter

    People threatening to leave and mostly NOT leaving. A platform can do whatever they want. There is a thing called freedom of speech, in America. Where the company is based out of.

    2. Climate Activist Billionaires

    Al Gore. Bill Gates. Private Jets. Carbon Credits. Davos. Comical.

    3. American Politicians Tweeting "Thoughts and Prayers"

    After another school shooting...

    4. Social Justice Warriors on iPhones

    Tweeting about social justice on their mobile device that was made with slave labor (or borderline slave labor).

    5. Social Justice Warriors sponsored by Nike

    A company whose morals are very questionable today. And certainly questionable in the past.

    6. Recycling

    It sounds great in theory. But, most of it is not recycled and you have double the amount of trucks on the road that you would usually have.

    7. All Electric Vehicles by 2030 (or some date soon)

    They have no range. The minerals used in the batteries are very difficult to get to. They are digging HUGE holes in the earth to get these minerals. The batteries last 5-10 years and then need to be replaced. They are NOT cheap to replace. Can you recycle these batteries? No big deal, just dig another MASSIVE hole in the ground in Africa or Asia.

    8. Solar Panels

    Let's clear out large areas of the forest and put in man-made structures that are very expensive and similar to #5, aren't actually that great for the environment when you consider how they are manufactured.

    9. Not using Nuclear Energy

    This is such a no-brainer. Yes, there have been some catastrophes. Nowadays, the technology is apparently much safer and more efficient.

    10. Telling people you are an Effective Altruist

    Like Sam Bankman-Fried. While committing fraud.


    11. Corporations openly supporting social issues

    Mcdonald's and Starbucks promote LGTBQ rights while also not wanting to pay their workers a living wage or being ok with them forming unions. There's a tweet or a message for every day/month from these corporations, who do not really care about anything other than profits.

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