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Future popeman ideas

What stereotypes can I take to absurd heights?

Popeman is about taking stereotypes to absurd levels so people can easily see how stupid believing them really is.  That's what I hope to accomplish anyway.

    1. Vs the Transformers

    A story about how an evil organisation is turning kids Trans to stop them having kids of their own, so that they can easily take over the country in a generation.

    2. Vs the juice

    The evil organisation that's been pulling the strings behind everything.  It can be revealed that jesus was a Jew this whole time.  Does popeman turn against his lord or continue to follow him?  Is there another option?

    3. Vs the gays

    This may be a the same story as the Trans.  A gay couple open a clothes shop and before long the kids all start dressing/acting gay.  Maybe these can be the villain's just to keep things simple. 

    4. Vs the blacks

    A story about immigrants invading the city.  If they don't fight back now the city as they know it will be destroyed.

    5. Vs Hollywood

    A film crew is in town.  As a result less people are coming to church.  It's brainwashing.  It's up to our hero's to take down the crew and save the congregation.

    6. Vs China

    The phones are turning everyone into communists.  They need to be destroyed.  The central hub could be a local Chinese restaurant who's basement is the hub for the whole of the brain washing organisation.

    7. Final thoughts

    Noone of these really stand out at the moment.  Maybe I can work on them and get something, but I'm happy enough just finishing my original story.  Sometimes one is more than enough.
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