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Gadgets that could help the elderly in their daily routines

My MIL is 91, legally blind, just had a new hip a few months ago, but is as sharp and active as ever. Thinking of her as I come up with most of these.

Gadgets that could help the elderly in their daily routines

    1. Pill selector

    Rather than having to (or more likely having someone else) set up weekly pill boxes, have a device like a reverse coin sorter. Put the pills in bulk in the top, the machine drops the day's pills into a cup. Can be set to do several times a day. Maybe also advise when a prescription needs to be refilled. [P.S. - checked Amazon afterwards and while there are automated dispensers, they need to be manually loaded.]

    2. ID App

    For people who are visually impaired, phone app that reads the bar code (or in the alternative, maybe QR tags that family can put on) and verbalizes what the item is - food (nutrition statement optional), etc. Maybe even tracks what they eat so they eat enough each day.

    3. Voice activated appliances

    Microwave, air fryer, oven, etc. operated by voice and not buttons or dials.

    4. Alexa / Siri

    For various reminders - appointments, etc. And for making phone calls to family. Also for a reminder to do things - exercise, get the mail, drink enough water, etc. with a response required.

    5. Automatic driving car

    Big expense, yes, but for old school folks who get depressed from losing independence and won't ask others for help, this would be very helpful.

    6. Magnifying / IDing Goggles

    Like VR goggles that can read text, verbally identify things being looked at ("you are seeing a knife")

    7. Voice to text goggles

    For people who are hearing impared, heads up display converts voice to text.

    8. Roomba Type Drone for Dusting

    Before we got her help cleaning the house, she had major league dust webs around the house only because she couldn't see them.

    9. Stair counter

    Like the piano in "Big", when you step on the stair it says something like "stair 7 of 12" so they don't miss a step.

    10. TV Show Finder

    An app where the user says what show they'd like to watch, and it changes the channel automatically to that channel when it comes on ("Please turn on Jeopardy at 7pm") with a verbal reminder a few minutes before it comes on.

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