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Gardening lessons from the past season

I started to do the challenge of 10 lessons learned from the past year, but I quit because it was too painful to write. So as a substitute I am focusing just on vegetable gardening. Gardening was a mixed bag of successes and failures. I hope that this list will allow me to identify these problems early next year


    1. Make sure that you weed in the fall.

    Weeds grow a long while after the vegetables are out and are in the way in the spring

    2. Plan seed starting around any trips

    3. Get some sort of timer based irrigation

    The plants use more water than I want to apply with a sprinkler in August

    4. Set up a small nursery in the corner of the garden

    Use potting soil and allow any plants to get a good start before placing them out in the larger garden

    5. Plant something every week until about mid August

    Try for a continuous harvest. Greens sprout quickly in the warm soil and will stay alive after the first frosts.

    6. Set up a fertilizing schedule

    Fruits will ripen faster if you fertilize them. it is easy to forget because the plants sill look good.

    7. Be patient and wait until the soil warms up

    Things sprout slowly when cold

    8. Try a new technique each year

    I would like to try a wicking bed next year

    9. Be careful with mulch

    Slugs will live in it

    10. Write down a rotating schedule

    Try to be aware of what can be put in next

    11. Find a way to measure growth

    To see if things are slowing down.

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