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Geek Culture and Parenting

    1. As Geek Parents we have a duty to expose our children to Geek Culture.

    Give them a chance to make it their thing too. Not just your thing.

    2. Geek parents are living examples that school popularity really isn’t important.

    3. More parents need Geek intensity with their kids.

    What are your kids into? Who are their friends? What are they into? What do the kids think about their teachers? Etc. If you can explain Bronze Age vs. Silver age comics than you can take more interest in what the kids are doing.

    4. Geeks often embrace self expression.

    So embrace it as parents too. Kids need boundaries but they need to be as broad as they are clear.

    5. Everybody has a tribe.

    As parents, we can help our kids find theirs.

    6. Fads and trends are temporary.

    Kids need to realize they don't need to chase every fad that comes along. And parents need to realize that whatever fad has consumed your kid probably won't last.

    7. As Geeks, we have experienced plenty of embarrassment.

    We can help our children deal with embarrassment, while trying not to cause them more ourselves.

    8. As parents, it may be difficult to speak with our kids,

    But if you learned Klingon, you can learn Teen too.

    9. Geeks have learned to be true to themselves.

    As parents, we have to be true to our kids. Backing them up and encouraging them when they are right. Correcting and supporting them when they're wrong.

    10. Use anecdotes and allegory to impart life’s lessons.

    All of the great Geek franchises, Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, GI Joe, Thundercats, Marvel, etc.are filled with heroes, villains, and tales of epic proportions. Within are great stories and examples for any part of the human condition you may wish to examine. 

    Is your child having anger issues? Introduce them to Bruce Banner. Are they being bullied? Both Peter Parker and Billy Batson know something about this. Is your struggling with confidence. They'll find it at the gaming table as their Paladin smites the forces of Evil.

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