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Katie Ulrych


General Ideas I want to pursue

I have money coming my way and I can actually pursue these things.

    1. Programming

    I want to be a programmer so I can program my own apps or websites. I have no idea how long it takes to be that proficient or how much it costs to set that up. I don't know if I could make money from it quickly enough or if I will get bored by it easily. There's a lot of I don't knows.

    2. Writing

    I want to be a better writer. I loved all of the creative writing courses I've taken but I think I need more of the structure it takes to be a good writer.

    3. The presidential candidates who got electoral votes but never became president

    What do you do when you lose the biggest office in the country? The world? What do you do with the rest of your life. I am at Jefferson. And so far most of them have become president or went on to be a federal judge or Majors. I really want to get past the colonial period.

    4. Expert in Child Behavior

    These 4 year olds.. Pandemic babies. I am curious to see what they will be like in 10 years. Right now they are kicking my butt. I want to know exactly what to do in every moment with every child. I want to be able to see a person struggling with a child in the street. Walk up and say "i am an expert can I help?" and help them.

    5. An easier way to deposit cans

    I live in Michigan and cans are !0 cents. I'd love to take them in and get money. But it's gross and the lines are always long. Some places don't take certain cans. The bins fill up fast and there are no employees to take care of it

    6. Prompts from Tarot Cards

    A lot of people who are learning tarot are told to pull a card a day and think about that card through out the day. I like that. I think we should take action on the card of the day. I am trying to read tarot books so I can better understand each card so I can make good prompts. I want to make 10 for each card. Everytime I start reading a new book I go into a different direction.

    7. Appointment Setter from Home

    I was really stressed on Saturday. I tried to find a way to get anti anxiety medications as fast I could. I contact Talkiatry and they called to set up an appointment for me. I would love to work out of my home and just call people to set up appointments. I didn't set one up because I realized in that moment I can't have anti anxiety meds immediately and I got annoyed and just went to work.

    8. Anti Anxiety Medication

    I really think I need it. I am having a really hard time. I don't like medication. I don't want to have to come off of it. I don't want to be dependent on it. I just want to feel better and not like the world is falling apart everyday.

    9. Learning Video game

    My boyfriend likes to play video games. I do too but I like to play video games where I learn something. My favorite growing up were : Carmen Sandiego and Amazon Trail. Amazon trail over Oregon Trail because I learned about all the animals and plants you could find in the Amazon. I loved discovering things. I want to play a game like that but for adults. I am not sure what it would look like but I want to find it or create it.

    10. What job do I get next year?

    I can't do this one again. I need to figure it out.

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