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Branch off of Idea #7: Create Challenges Of Embarrasing Things To Do And Then Follow Up With What Happened. This reminded me of one of my all-time favorite shows: Trigger Happy TV

    1. Pay for something entirely in pennies

    Take your time counting and do not apologize.

    2. Fart loudly in front of others

    A couple of good examples: in an elevator, during a yoga class, at the library.

    3. Comment “2 beauties” on an Instagram picture with three people in it.

    4. Scream at the wrong times on a rollercoaster.

    5. Show up late somewhere and make a spectacle of yourself

    6. Walk around in public with a blow dryer and ask people if they want a blow job.

    7. Ask for directions, and then go in the opposite direction.

    8. Go to Karaoke night and select a song that’s WAY too difficult for you.

    You must get through the entire song. No walking off.

    9. Send someone the wrong type of greeting card for an occasion.

    10. Dress to the nines for a casual event.

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