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Gifts of Experience This Holiday Season

I have particularly in mind my wonderful wife. It has been a long time since we've been able to do a lot of active stuff. She uses a wheelchair, and I use a cane and a very slow pace. We used to spend long hours going through old graveyards, exploring unfamiliar shopping malls, and playing miniature golf. Those days are gone, which is why the following gifts of experience either don't involve getting out of the car, or getting out of the car and staying put for awhile.


    1. Tiny house in the woods.

    We stayed at one of these. Wonderful experience. Check out Getaway (note I have no affiliation with them, just had a good time).

    2. Three days in a cabin at a state park.

    A different sort of cabin in the woods. Generally more accessible.

    3. Acupuncture sessions.

    4. Fancy facials.

    5. Movies in the theater.

    6. Throwing axes.

    Yeah, it's physical, but I can sit down when I need to, and she can throw from her wheelchair. Another place with which I have no affiliation, but just appreciate.

    7. Live theatrical performances.

    Accessibility can be an issue, but once we're in place we can just stay put.

    8. Concerts with seats.

    We went to see Weird Al in concert a few weeks ago, made possible because they had handicap-accessible seating.

    9. Wine tastings.

    We haven't done this. But we could.

    10. Fancy restaurants.

    Eating has become our primary entertainment. It would be easy to do this too often and pay for it in added pounds, so considering a fancy place as a gift not only would lead to more special memories, but also by necessity cut down on the quantities.

    11. BONUS: The gift of time, a day with devices off and sharing undivided attention.

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