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Gifts of Experience This Holiday Season

I'm ahead of the game this year and have thought through all my holiday gifts, but gifting is a never-ending reality and a new gifting season will be here soon enough. I really enjoy getting gifts for people, but I like the idea of gifting experiences vs. objects, especially for my loved ones who are trying to declutter or who are minimalistic.

    1. Record yourself reading their favorite poem

    Or their favorite book, if you're more ambitious. I think this is a really nice gift for a romantic partner, or for small children. Credit goes to Reddit though as I stumbled upon this idea the other day and didn't invent it myself!

    2. A Massage

    A couples massage could be a fun gift experience to purchase for yourself + a partner. With this one though I probably wouldn't gift it to anyone besides dear friends (or as a gag gift). It could quickly be perceived as weird.

    3. A facial/beauty treatment

    Honestly, I would gift a beauty treatment to just about everyone. Yes, I know it's not everyone's "thing," but I think most people enjoy the relaxation that comes with the spa. For someone like my dad who would hate just about all this stuff, a men's manicure would work.

    4. A home-cooked dinner

    I like cooking, so a private dinner served in courses as a fun experience could be a great idea.

    5. Lessons in [whatever you're good at]

    So you'd probably have to have a skill to pull this one off, but it's such a good way to get quality time in with a loved one who shares one of your interests. For example, I could "gift" my younger cousin beginner chess lessons, since she's been meaning to learn how to play but can't be bothered to do so online.

    6. Whatever fun wacky physical activities are available on Groupon

    E.g. a high ropes course or a trampoline park. For a very reasonable price, you can gift an utterly unforgettable experience. And escape room game could be fun too.

    7. Tickets to a play, comedy show, ballet...

    Or really any arts venue.

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