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Give Up Attack Thoughts...

Preview's the ONLY way to Love

this includes giving up attack thoughts about your neighbors, politicians, boss, ex-wife, kids, and government.

    1. We may feel that we're justified in our attack but it only hurts us.

    Every thought that we have is creative.
    There is no thought that we have that doesn't go somewhere.
    There are no idol thoughts.
    There are no neutral thoughts.
    And "yes" you are that powerful.
    "Attacker" and "Attackee" are two sides of the same coin. Each is equally disturbing to our peace of mind. Both are mirrors.
    They are both effects not causes because both are in our minds whether we feel we are being attacked or we are the ones doing the attack.

    2. The world is incapable of change because it's merely an effect.

    If you stand in front of a mirror and try to change the image in the mirror by trying to change the image it will never work.
    The world is not causal in nature, it is merely a reflection of our thoughts.

    3. We live in a retributive world.

    Everything you see in the world is about attacking someone or defending a position.
    How many times will you say today, "I'm right, and they're wrong?"
    Contrary to what we've convinced ourselves to believe about our lives, it's always an "inside job."
    We see the world we've made but we don't see ourselves as the image maker.
    Simply put, the images that we see in the world are a direct result of our thoughts.
    Everyone we encounter today is already in their transformative and loving state but we don't see it.
    Our attack thoughts blind us to not seeing the love and beauty that is always there.
    This is true for everyone but the attack, hate, and revenge thoughts won't allow us to see it.
    God only creates the loving, the beautiful, and the exquisite.
    Today I invite you to let go of the "ugly" images you hold in your mind about anyone or anything.
    Allow those images to be replaced with the "gorgeous" images that were there all the time.
    You can escape the world you're living in by giving up your attack thoughts.
    Try it, sit back and watch your life transform with no effort on your part.
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