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Give your prospects a chance to experience the win risk-free.

Do you have a giving hand?

    1. Do you lean more to the side of being compelling or convincing?

    A person "convinced" against his will is of the same opinion still.
    It's less expensive to get your prospects started with you than it is to try and convince them to give you money to get started.
    What you really want is for people to get started with you so why not make it as easy as possible to do so?

    2. Are you interested in creating an ongoing relationship or are you only transaction-oriented?

    The convincing part takes the most time, energy, and money.

    3. Most people aren't willing to give you a try.

    It doesn't matter how good you claim your product, service, course, etc. is -  all the risk is still on the prospect.
    Both of you want to create a bonfire but most of your time is spent trying to convince the prospect to put wood in first.

    4. Upset the applecart.

    Disturb the status quo.
    Approach your prospects with the “lead with the giving hand” strategy… you’re giving your prospects a chance to experience the win risk-free.

    5. There's only a few reasons why you would be unwilling to give this approach a try.

    Your product or service is inferior and doesn't live up to the hype.
    You don't know your numbers.
    You don't know the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer.
    You have a poor track record in getting the desired results for prospects.

    6. Once they're in - They're in.

    Don't you want people who you already know, like, and trust to have a monopoly on the things you need or want?
    When you have a problem with your teeth or your car what's your protocol?
    A. Do you prefer to Google a "dentist near you" or a "car mechanic near you" and start over from square one?
    B. Do you prefer to call up a dentist or car repairman that has taken care of you many times in the past?
    You'll get a sense that you're on the right track when you hear phrases like ...

    "This stuff really works"

    "You have exceeded my expectations"

    "Can I invest more with you"

    "Where do I sign?"

    When you look past that initial "cost” going out of your pocket and you think about the lifetime value of every new customer you’re bringing in this way...
    It makes total sense to make it ridiculously easy and risk-free! for people to get started with you, doesn’t it?

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