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Goals I still want to achieve - 2022

The year is coming to a close more quickly than I imagined. There are still plenty of things that I would like to accomplish. Personally, professionally, financially, emotionally.

    1. Create another stream of income

    I have my 9 to 5 income, investment income, rental income. I still think there is a way to add some side hustle income that I need to work on.

    2. Go to Hawaii

    Maui. Honeymoon is about to happen!

    3. Make more 9-5 money - raise or new job

    I know I am underpaid at my current position. Still workin on the raise or getting a higher paying job.

    4. Update my essential money document since getting married

    6 Different documents that I need to update and then have notarized.

    5. Combine finances

    Figure our which account we are going to use together and which ones we will use separate. We have a bunch of separate ones now, but would like to file joint taxes.

    6. Get my parents to fill out their essential documents and trust

    It is a lot harder getting other people to do things.

    7. Write some more premium posts

    I have a ton of NotePD Premium List ideas. I just need to sit down and write them. It is probably a good idea to have a daily practice of writing those lists.

    8. Publish an Amazon book

    I have several good Amazon book ideas. I just need to sit down and write them.

    9. Make it to the Alaska trip

    Anchorage will be in December. I think we are going to go skiing. And maybe fishing.

    10. More YouTube videos

    I need to commit to the YouTube channel.

    11. Finish Coursera

    2 more courses to go. Will be done by 2023 and be project management certified and scrum master certified.

    12. Friend dates

    So many good people came to my wedding. I need to sit down and schedule time with a lot of them.

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