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God: Source of All. (1 min 54 sec)


    1. The question "Is there a God?" comes from a dualistic perspective. It assumes a separation between God and the individual self.

    Egos have a limited understanding of reality.
    A more profound inquiry is to question the existence of a separate self, the self-construct, the "you," the body, or the ego. This line of inquiry leads us to explore the nature of our true identity and the underlying reality of existence.
    God is not and can never be a separate entity. God is the source of all existence. God is the eternal, unchanging, and infinite consciousness that underlies all phenomena.
    The individual self, or ego, is an illusion – a false identification with the body, thoughts, and experiences. The ego creates a sense of separation from God which is the result of spiritual ignorance.
    The awakened mind recognizes that there is no separation between the individual and God. It sees through the illusion of the ego and realizes that the true self is one with the eternal, unchanging consciousness that is God.
    This realization is not dependent on time or space, as these are also constructs of the ego's limited perception. The awakened mind recognizes that reality transcends the boundaries of time and space.
    The question "Is there a God?" becomes irrelevant, as it presupposes a separation that does not exist in reality. The more pertinent question is, "Who am I beyond the illusion of the separate self?" This inquiry leads to a direct experience of our true nature as the eternal, unchanging consciousness that is the source of all existence.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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