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God's Constant, Loving Will. (1 min 33 sec)


    1. God rewards the faithful.

    God's love is not a reward for faithfulness but a constant presence, available to all regardless of their beliefs or actions.

    2. God is pleased by rituals.

    God does not require rituals for connection or communication, as God is always connected to us through love.

    3. God tests our faith.

    God does not test us, as tests are a concept of the ego, not of a loving and non-judgmental God.

    4. God discriminates among religions.

    God does not favor one religion over another; all paths that lead to love are equally valued.

    5. God has expectations.

    God doesn't have any expectations, he only extends unconditional love and acceptance.

    6. God's will is obscure.

    God's will is always for our highest good, centered in love and peace, and not hidden or mysterious.

    7. God causes natural disasters.

    God is not the cause of suffering or disasters, which are part of the physical illusion, not divine will.

    8. God is sometimes absent.

    God's presence is constant and unchanging; feelings of absence are due to our own perceptions.

    9. God changes the world.

    God does not change the world, which is an illusion; rather, God changes our perception of it.

    10. God favors the virtuous.

    God's love is unconditional and does not depend on one's virtue or moral standing.
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