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God's Love is a Spiritual Moonshot. (1 min 51 sec)


    1. What bothers us most about religion is not religion itself, it's the degree of uncertainty.

    2. In other words, "Does God/Love really exist or is it just "Much Ado About Nothing?"

    3. We think to ourselves, "Maybe some of it works or none of it is worth the paper it's written on."

    4. We think...

    "Maybe God didn't create this world."
    "What if God has forgotten about me?"
    "Maybe I'll get the love I seek from my lover or my child."
    "Maybe scientists will discover a way that I can live forever?"
    "Maybe I'm being punished by God for my transgressions."
    "Maybe God is testing me."
    "Maybe God is jealous that I've made other things my god."
    "Maybe God is angry at me because I'm not living according to his plans."

    5. But it's the very practice of forgiveness itself that removes all doubt and uncertainty.

    6. The solution to all of our perceived problems lies in the practice itself.

    It's the last place we look - the practice.
    The answers lie not in the material world but in the recesses of our minds.

    7. We do things to reduce the pain, yet the pain still remains.

    But we all have an internal map that shows us where the joy is.
    Instead of going "Oh my God how can I make my husband not work so much" - You look at the map and say "Oh, what does my husband's working late have to do with my happiness?
    Now what's interesting is that the situation itself didn't change - the quality of waiting for the husband to get home from work has changed. - The quality of the wait is totally transformed.
    Now that's a Spiritual Moonshot.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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