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God's Prodigal Son


    1. If I believe that I am guilty then I also must believe I deserve punishment.

    Who is punishing me? 
    Is God punishing me or are the wounds self-inflicted?
    Why do I believe that I deserve such punishment? Because the world says "You have transgressed and therefore we must punish you."

    2. Healing is another name for God.

    Healing - the process of making or becoming healthy again.  Therapeutic.
    Love is focused on helping me improve my condition.
    True healing happens in the Mind, not the body.

    3. My wholeness can only be experienced when I truly learn how to love.

    Wholeness is the quality of being complete or a single unit and not broken or divided into parts.
    If I see myself as "better than" or "worse off" than you are I have become lost in the sauce of my own delusional thinking.

    4. God always answers the call.

    It doesn't matter the time of day.
    It doesn't matter if I'm caught up in the cul-de-sac of life.
    It doesn't matter what I think is the problem or what I believe that I have become in the world.
    I am ALWAYS his prodigal son and so are YOU!
    God loves us as his children.
    God's love is unconditional.
    God loves us even though we miss the mark repeatedly.
    To call God's name is to call my own.
    Remember this as your meander through the day --- you are beloved and nothing can alter such a divine Truth.

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