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Good moments from this weekend

Good moments from this weekend

    1. I finished Stranger Things

    My hands were shaking for at least 30 minutes after the ending. I had so much adrenalin running through me - and I couldn't even watch Hopper break back in. I did see him wield the sword and lop off the Demogorgon's head.

    2. Finished a book I needed to write a book review for

    The book wasn't so great, but I finished it.

    3. Finished a great self-help book: How Are You: 40 Conversations To Have with Yourself

    I listened to the Audiobook. I was so impressed that I bought the E-book so I could re-read it and do the exercises.

    4. Picked up another knitting project with a fresh perspective

    I seem to be better able to manage the complexity of the stitches this time. I feel less intimidated by it

    5. I made progress with WaniKani - more radicals - halfway through the radicals of Level 4

    6. I finished my story for the week. GAH.

    It was brutal. I finished early Saturday and then reread it and hated it. I tried to rewrite some of it, but it still sucked. I turned it in as homework, though.

    7. I came up with 3 more story ideas over the weekend

    The Fantasy writing workshops I took were excellent in helping me find new ideas.

    8. I made some fabulous Chicken soup from a recipe in the NY Times cooking magazine

    They called it Chicken Donabe - a take on a Japanese recipe, but I have my doubts that it was Japanese. Other than every culture in the world makes Chicken Soup.

    9. I started a home decorating class.

    I am horrible at decorating and picking colors, art, whatever. So I hope that this class will help me make my house feel more like me.

    10. I started reading Prometheus Bound as part of Hardcore Literature Club

    11. I started to read Fruits Basket as part of a Japanese book club

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