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Good Mornings ?

Some mornings I bounce out of bed ready to go and then there are the others. Here's my list of how to help make mornings a bit easier.

    1. Drink a glass of water ASAP

    When I go to bed, I put a glass of water on my nightstand, and I drink this first thing.

    2. Meditation

    I have a morning meditation that I listen to on my Fitbit app. It takes only 5 minutes, but it puts me in the right frame of mind to start the day, and I get to do it while still in bed.

    3. Make my bed

    My husband usually gets up before me, and the first thing I do after I get out of bed is make the bed. This is another easy and quick thing to do and starts me off with yet another win and accomplishment.

    4. Make myself a cup of tea

    Unfortunately allergic to coffee, so tea is my thing. This is black tea and non-caffeinated

    5. Sit out on the porch

    I take my cup of tea and set out on my front porch in the morning, getting morning sunlight into my vision. This one item has been a game changer for me in setting my wake and sleep cycle.

    6. Hike

    The next thing I do is some sort of exercise, and for me, that is usually hiking. I get more sunlight, and there is something about starting your day outside.

    7. Drink water

    Right after my drive back home from hiking, I will drink 32oz of water. I'm not too fond of drinking water. Having the goal of drinking this much water on the way home easily starts me on my goal of increasing my water intake

    8. Take a shower and dress for the day

    I love me a nice warm shower. Cold is not my thing, but I try to stand under a cold shower for 1 minute. Yup, 1 minute, I am sissy, and that is about all I can take.

    9. Caffeine

    This is when I have my first cup of caffeine. Most days, it will be my only cup of caffeine. It took me a while to break the caffeine before anything morning routine, but it has been well worth it. I do not wake up as groggy as I used to and rarely have mid-morning energy crashes.

    10. Take my day

    Every day is a little different. From this point on, I am out of my morning routine and into the actual day. Some days I will write, other days I meet people, and other days I have breakfast be it a rather late one.

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