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Good sides of a new beginning

My streak is back to zero. A number of websites count my streak. I've stopped paying attention. My goal is to write something somewhere every day. Here are some thoughts on the benefits of new beginnings.

    1. A man should ideally be the beginning of something

    Based on a quote by Hannah Arendt that I heard but couldn't find again. It sounds a bit strange in English. She probably meant something similar to the beginner's mind in Zen.

    2. The lightness of being a beginner

    A sentence from Steve Jobs' famous speech on the Stanford campus. He described how starting something new (Pixar) felt light and fresh after being fired from Apple.

    3. A blank sheet of paper

    I'm holding a pen in my hand, not knowing what's going to be there in five minutes. There is something magical about this creative moment.

    4. The second or third time, everything is easier

    When I was still writing short stories, my experience was that if you can't really get the story to work, so to speak, it's often best to start all over again. The second or third time, everything is much easier.

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